Event Types

Laura Austin Thomas, District Attorney for Payne and Logan Counties, will join us to talk about the homicide rate in Stillwater and the surrounding area.

Rotarian of the day: Butch Koemel
Sergeant-at-arms: Doug Starchman
Caterer: Rib Crib

Laura Austin Thomas
 Oct 26, 2017

Alton Carter, director of youth services at Stillwater First United Methodist Church and author of "The Boy Who Carried Bricks", will share the program "The Boy Who Dreamed Big."

Rotarian of the day: Chris Norris
Sergeant-at-arms: Scott Jones
Caterer: Mexico Joe's

Alton Carter
 Nov 02, 2017

Jennifer Bentley, director of Stillwater Early Head Start, will talk share their mission to provide a child-focused, family-centered environment that prepares each child for a lifetime of learning.

Rotarian of the day: Glenna Craig
Sergeant-at-arms: Doug Starchman
Caterer: Freddie Paul's

Jennifer Bentley
 Nov 09, 2017

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission has been in the middle of all of the controversy regarding earthquakes, what has caused them, and how they can be prevented. Commissioner Dana Murphy will join us to share her perspectives on the topic.

Rotarian of the day: Steve Norman
Sergeant-at-arms: Steve Norman
Caterer: Hello Catering

Corporation Commissioner Dana Murphy
 Nov 16, 2017
Happy Thanksgiving!!!
 Nov 23, 2017

Today's program consists of a choir of 11 elementary school children from Kenya who will sing and dance. The songs are in their native tongue, Swahili. They will  each give  some perspective into Kenyan culture and provide some insight into their lives there. We will also hear a little about the Maisha Project.

Rotarian of the day: Chris Koehler (Edmond RC)
Sergeant-at-arms: Terry Carpenter
Caterer: MoJo's Grill

Beatrice Williams
 Nov 30, 2017

Scott Inman, minority leader of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, will talk about the recent special session and his goals for the next session.

Rotarian of the day: Cory Williams
Sergeant-at-arms: Joe Ogle
Caterer: Zaxby's

Oklahoma House Minority Leader Scott Inman
 Dec 07, 2017

Alexces Bartley, manager of events and outreach for the Riata Center for Entrepreneurship, Spears School of Business at OSU, will talk on the topic "Co-working through the Riata Center".

Rotarian of the day: Terri Ventress
Sergeant-at-arms: Glenna Craig
Caterer: Rib Crib

Alexces Bartley
 Dec 14, 2017

Dr. Gary Washington, executive director of the Oklahoma Wondertorium, will talk about the children's museum and its programming.

Rotarian of the day: Mark Gunkel
Sergeant-at-arms: James Cowan
Caterer: Mexico Joe's

Dr. Gay Washington
 Dec 21, 2017
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!
 Dec 28, 2017