Jun 21, 2018
Former State Senator Mike Mazzei
The Oklahoma Opportunity Project

Education, jobs growth and the state budget are all present-day areas of great concern, discussion and debate across the state of Oklahoma. These are critically important areas to address to create more opportunity and a higher standard of living for all Oklahomans.

In the midst of a state budget deficit with a revenue shortfall and opposition to tax increases, term-limited former state senate Committee Chairman, Mike Mazzei believes meaningful change is possible. He firmly believes that strategic changes can, and must, be made in financial management policy to lay the foundation for the path to success in these critical areas.

Mike Mazzei’s policy ideas and his institutional knowledge of our state legislature are invaluable to our state and its future. He provides a “behind the scene” look at how state politics works…and how it can work to move Oklahoma down the path to become “the best!”

The Oklahoma Opportunity Project will take advantage of the expertise and institutional knowledge of former state legislators to provide practical ideas for finance and policy reform. The Opportunity Project will attempt to provide current legislators with educational and policy information regarding finance, budget, education, healthcare, job growth, public safety and transportation to improve the lives and income potential of all Oklahomans.

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